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Some opportunities offered by Val Pellice

The Val Pellice, located in the northern Cozie Alps, offers a fascinating landscape, rich in vegetation, wrapped in the beautiful framework of Monviso.

The marked itineraries and paths are various, ideal for trekking and walking outdoors and not only. There are many interesting things to discover in this valley: among them, surely of great relevance, the historical aspect tied to the Waldensian reality, whose traditions are still deep-seated in the area. It is possible indeed to discover the history of this culture through museums, Waldensian historical sites and Resistance's places.

In Val Pellice, there are many contemporary art galleries, museums and activities for young people: it is an example the Astronomical Observatory of Luserna San Giovanni. And more, for lovers of good taste, Val Pellice offers excellent food, wine of great value and delicacies that will make memorable your visit.