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Eco-historical museum system of Waldensian valleys

Historical museums, ethnographic and historical sites

The "Eco-historical Museum System of the Waldensian valleys" was born with this designation in the early 2000. It consists of a series of small museum or memory presidium, scattered throughout the territory of the Waldensian valleys (Pellice, Germanasca and lower Val Chisone). The lead Institution is the Waldensian Cultural Centre Foundation, which has an office to welcome and accompany visitors to all museums and historical sites and, of course, to its own museum, which is the largest and most complete one, consisting of a part on Waldensian history, from the origin to the present day, and a part of ethnography.

Torre Pellice, Museo Valdese, Sala della lettura

Each local museum presidium maintains its own autonomy and responsibility for the activities; in common, just the resources exchanging and shared projects defining.

RorĂ  , Museo Valdese, Antica cucina

Through the offices of the Foundation, the circuit is accessible by a series of "guides" expressly and constantly formed on: Waldensian history, ecclesiology, Protestant theology and history of Europe as a whole. The office also proposes diverse educational offerings; touring is available in five languages.