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Ski mountaineering in Val Pellice

Overview to possible itineraries and their height differences

An old collection of ski mountaineering itineraries of the 70s presents the Val Pellice as "not very favorable in general to ski usage". In fact, there are very few easy trips on gentle and open slopes, which are often steep and wooded, remarkable height differences and the passable roads in winter barely reach the 1000 - 1200 meters. These characteristics, however, are very appreciated by expert ski mountaineering looking for long uncrowded downhill. The best way to fully enjoy the ski potential of the valley, without incurring excessively long climbs, is to descend in Val Pellice in crossing from the Val Po and Prali: after 1,000 meters of ascent, you are rewarded with 2,000 meters descent!

Veduta del Monviso dalla Val Pellice

Some ideas:

  • From the Val Po, you can traverse in Val Pellice from Briccas 2426m on Ror√†; from Frioland 2720m, 2721m, from the Sea Bianca, from the Rocce Founs 2742m on Comba dei Carbonieri; from Meidassa 3107m on Barbara hut or Jervis hut.
  • From Prali, not forgetting to gain altitude with the chair lift of the 13 Lakes, you can descend from the Roux 2832m both on Refuge of the Invincible, and on Pra del Torno with an excellent descent ‚Ä" ascent relation.

Salita al Monte Cavallo

Other interesting itineraries from Jervis Hut, for example the classic Col Seillière 2852m, Barant 2425m and Mait Amount 2804m, or the steep couloirs of Granero 3171m, the Coumbalas 2718m, 2730m and the Clot La Pierre. From the Refuge of the Invincibles, especially noteworthy the traverses in Pra del Torno from Vergia 2329m and from Vantacul 2297m; from the Ai Sap Hut, the classic Piattina 1953m, Vantacul 2297m, Vergia 2329m and Costigliole 2385m; from Barfè Hut the classic route of Vandalino 2121m.

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