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Tourist information portal of Pellice Valley (Piedmont, Italy)

Tourist Card

Touris initiative

Val Pellice is a special part of the Piedmont region in Italy. It is rich with environmental initiatives and tourist attractions in a natural setting.

In order to help tourists to get to know and appreciate our valley, we have created a tourist card.

This card is free of charge and gives its holder a 5% or 10% discount at participating establishments (stores-mouseums and services).

The “InValpellice Tourist Card” is personal and is valid for 15 days. The Tourist Card is issued to all tourists over 6 year old and you can obtain your card at any establishment where you stay (b&b, agriturismi...) at least for one night. In order to activate the card the holder must write their full name on it at the moment they receive the card.

The 5% or 10% discount will be applied by all partecipating establishments visited after receiving the card from the establishment issuing it. The establishment that issued the card will apply the discount if the card holder returns there within the 15 days the card is valid.