in Val Pellice

Tourist information portal of Pellice Valley (Piedmont, Italy)

An idea of well-being

An ethical vision of tourism

It is true that the "Alpine paradox", so called by anthropologists, attributes to mountain peoples greater curiosity and cultural openness, the Val Pellice confirms this: indeed it is still a catalyst for ideas and a forge of experiences. These features and the deep connection with the territory have helped, among other things, the diffusion of environment and person oriented ecological sensitivity. Throughout the year in the Valley different structures propose to groups of guests conferences, seminars, experiential workshops and paths of awareness on related issues about relationship between man and nature.

Ideal area for virtuous practices, the Val Pellice offers the opportunity to discover places, plants and animals, through a series of active proposals operating in the territory to take care of yourself on a physical energetic and emotional level.Particularly short and wide entrance, the Val Pellice has a shape that invites to come in.

So, come and simply discover it!