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Rostan Piervaldo Farm

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Azienda Agricola Piervaldo Rostan

Rostan Piervaldo farm is located in an old farmhouse of 1832 in region Costa Lorenzo of Torre Pellice, in the heart of the Waldensian Valleys, at an altitude of 750 m, surrounded by chestnut woods. It is precisely the chestnuts production that characterizes the farm, certified organic since 1999 with Icea Institute; beside it, the production of berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and currant), mountain potatoes and vegetables in general. The presence of bees in summertime ensures a good pollination to fruit trees and allows an excellent production of chestnut honey and linden trees (Tilia).

The farm is part of Coop Agricola Terranova of Luserna San Giovanni that process the fruits of the valley into jams and fruit juices. Farm’s chestnuts production (most varieties represented: Gioviasca, Marrone, Ruiana) is sold directly in the farm and to the "Chestnut’s Producers Association of Val Pellice" that since 2001, thanks to a trademark recognition, has enhanced the local chestnuts.

The berries of the farm are largely sold in restaurants and local tavern, and are also used as basis for ice cream in the “Gelateria Bellocco” of Torre Pellice, example of short chain to enhance the products of the Valley.The farm is also a member of the Mountain Potato Producers Association of the Province of Turin. It is also present at the weekly farmer’s market on Friday in Torre Pellice since 1982.

Since 2004, in addiction to agriculture, it is started the lodging activity in a rural independent apartment with the kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms with 6 beds in total.

By the summer of 2014, completed the renovation of the building in the respect of the pre-existing characteristics such as wooden beams at sight, lose coverage, local stone walls, the farm opened the restaurant activity using own products and other products coming almost exclusively from Val Pellice.

The farm is reachable by car (approximately 1.5 km from the bridge of Bertenga) using via Costa Lorenzo, partly paved, partly dirt bottom; on site there is a parking lot reserved for guests.

It is also possible to climb in Costa Lourens with a walking of just over 30' in the same way, with an accessible path.

Costa Lourens is located in the heart of two naturalist trails, which enhance the surrounded territory: the Ghiandaia, a trail that crosses Torre Pellice and Luserna San Giovanni, and the " Chestnut’s itinerary” that links the right bank of the Pellice, Bibiana and Villar Pellice. Upstream the agritourism, at an altitude between 800 and 950 m, it was recovered a "balcony trail” that go through old plots with dry-stone walls that between 700 and 800 have hosted many charcoal-burner.

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