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Aristea by Arch. Pierangelo Ronfetto

Artisan companies, Torre Pellice

Tetramorfo dell'Evangelista Luca, XV secolo, chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista in Torre Canavese (TO)

The Aristea works in the field of conservation and conservative restoration of art works and fine crafts of historical value and in the high decoration.

We perform also analysis of the degradation and professional reports of many types of works such as wall frescoes, parietal and on wood polychrome temperas, paintings on canvas and on wood. Furthermore, wooden works are restored such as antique doors and windows, floors, choirs and pulpits, main door, altar and similar valuable material.

We also restore and clean stone works, mosaics and statues in stone and bronze, micro sandblasting and consolidation interventions. Regarding works on building scale, we restore masonry and make plaster consolidation and restoration of antique wall hangings.

High decoration includes the design and execution of decorative apparatus with vintage materials, of trompe-l’oeils, of fresco or tempera decorations, grisailles, encaustic work, painted boiseries, faux marble, fake wood, paintings on canvas and on wood, portraits.

In 2008, the company has achieved the recognition of Handcrafted Excellence of Piedmont Region for the "Preservation and restoration in construction" and "Decoration on different manufactured".

Eccellenza Artigiana Regione Piemonte

The owner, Arch. Pierangelo Ronfetto, between his credit, has also teaching experiences at the following institutions: the European Institute of Design (Turin), Ente School CIPE-Torino, CNA E.C.I.P.A. (Turin), Art Institute of Castellamonte "Adele I" (TO), courses of decoration at the "Ferrante Aporti" (Torino).

There are also courses in restoration and painting.

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